About Us

Strategic Marketing Consultants

The Purple Hat Group is a leading marketing company in Australia. Our highly intuitive and strategic marketing consultants work with businesses and organisations across the country to drive business growth.

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes grow through practical and measurable marketing and communication strategies that are results-driven and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

We do this by getting to the heart and soul of your business and using our 20+ years marketing and business experience to unlock and leverage your biggest opportunities.

Our team will help you build the marketing capability within your business and create a strategy that delivers results.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients across many different industries, from Enterprise, small to medium-sized business to local and global brands.

We also operate several outsourced marketing operations where our highly experienced marketing consultants are based at our client’s premises.

The Purple Hat Group team is Led by Lisa Pititto who has been a marketing and communications strategist for the last two decades.

How we work

All our marketing agency clients have different needs.  Some need us for a short time and others want us for the long haul.

Whether our working relationship is short-term (a specific project, campaign, workshop) or long-term (strategy, implementation, outsourced marketing, mentoring), this is our 4-stage approach:

  • Insight stage
    The first step in our partnership starts with an initial conversation followed by a strategy session to better understand your business and clarify your goals. We dig deep to find out where you are at and where you need to be.
  • Capability stage
    This is the building stage where we further collect valuable insights about your business and industry. This may be in the form of market research, trends, demographic analysis, data analysis and organisational and marketing audits.
  • Strategy stage
    Using all our research and insights, we will develop the strategy and activities that will propel you into the next stage of your growth.
  • Results stage
    We know to truly conquer your market you need to keep doing, testing, measuring, reviewing, creating and delivering. Our involvement can include ongoing implementation and/or mentoring.

Some of our experience:


There’s more!  For our full portfolio of work and experience, please contact us.